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Areas of Practice

Medical Malpractice

Many physicians facing a lawsuit find the process intimidating, frightening and confusing. This is particularly true as these suits include accusations of causing harm to patients that medical providers are determined to help and treat within their skills, judgment and educational experiences. Regardless of specialty, years of practice, location of practice and candor with patients, the chances are high that a provider will be required to defend his care and treatment of a patient. Many suits are based upon misperceptions, emotional responses or simply driven by easy financial gain. Despite this, medical professionals often feel embarrassed, angered by accusations of incompetence and fearful of professional repercussions. We stand ready and prepared to efficiently and ethically offer practical advice, guidance and support throughout a lawsuit and trial. Our team is committed to providing quality representation through dedication, hard work and utilizing our combined experiences to prepare healthcare provider at each stage of this process. We provide readily available assistance to providers through reasonable, practical and state of the art approaches to discovery, depositions, motions and trials. We acknowledge the emotional and professional toll that occurs throughout the litigation process and are determined to provide quality representation given our own extensive background, education and years of experience within this area of practice.

Professional Malpractice

Malpractice is often not a matter of professional issues but rather it is a legal matter. We assist professionals who have been sued for malpractice in the most thorough and aggressive way possible. The attorneys at Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC have experience in representing clients from numerous professions and have a thorough understanding of the legal principles. We have the ability to review the details of a case with experts in order to provide efficient representation. At Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC, we make sure that your case has had the proper evaluation and research in order to stand up against plaintiffs who may simply be dissatisfied with results rather than understanding the nature of your profession. We will strive to insure that your case is understood and that the law reins over cases of such injustice.


Construction defect litigation has become most prevalent and driven by code and statutory nuances. It is the job of a construction defense attorney to be focused and decisive when trying your case in order to reasonably evaluate occurrences and appropriate shares of fault and liability given times on risk. The attorneys at Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC will focus on efficient and practical approaches including analysis and impact of division of liability between numerous potential defendants. Cases involving construction defects require knowledge of the industry in order to be successful, including the development of relative experts within the particular field. We have the ability to handle a wide variety of specialties, including manufacturers and suppliers of construction products, builders and developers in order to comprehensively evaluate your case. Our knowledge of overlapping policies and exclusion clauses is what prepares us to practically and efficiently seek resolutions of construction related matters.

Products Liability

At Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC, we make it our responsibility to defend your product. We have the knowledge of various specialties and products, including medical devices, to properly identify cause, origin and effect in your legal case. Our strength lies in the incorporation of developments relating to regulations, codes and learned intermediary defenses into our litigation strategies. We develop an understanding of your products and dedicate ourselves to determining and proving whether or not the product was utilized in the manner intended.

Premises Liability

At Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC we evaluate and defend claims involving liability for injuries allegedly caused by a variety of hazardous conditions, including open excavations, uneven pavement, standing water, crumbling curbs, wet floors, falling objects, inadequate security, insufficient lighting, concealed holes, improperly secured mats, defects in chairs or benches and other unfathomable occurrences. We strive to provide efficient representation and legal determinations of legal status including, invitee, licensee or trespasser, in order to properly defend and try your case. We have experience in both negotiation and litigation of large claims involving serious bodily injuries. We will take cases to trial when defensible, necessary or faced with unreasonable demands. It is our commitment to you, our client, to ensure that your case is represented in a manner that is professional and effective.

Auto Accidents

In the case of automobile accidents, it is critical that your defense attorney remain level-headed and fair. The attorneys at Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC recognize when a case can be brought to trial and when it cannot. Our team is prepared to fight for your case in court before a jury when defensible, necessary or when faced with unreasonable demands. We have a knowledge-based law firm with the capabilities to focus on the relevant aspects of the accident and damages, including the development of appropriate experts. It is our ability to handle complex cases involving the rules of the road, including CDL manuals and Federal Motor Carrier Act claims. We will make sure to focus your cases on key points and will not be deterred by prosecuting arguments. Our attorneys know when justice is due.


The attorneys at Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC have extensive experience concerning the claims processes. Our attorneys have the knowledge of coverage issues, including defining occurrences, property damage and bad faith concerns that most companies must inevitably address. We have the ability to practically and efficiently approach, define and defend legal implications of various aspects of coverage and indemnity. We strive to insure that your case is handled in a professional and civil manner with high-quality legal services as well as with personal attention to details of the case through critical means of thinking and development of solutions.

Business Litigation

Your business is worth defending and at Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC we have the means to do just that. We will zealously analyze, defend or prosecute claims for or against your business from start to finish. We will provide guidance and effective representation throughout the litigation process, including discovery, motions and trial. We have the ability to evaluate, interpret and assess contracts, leases, sales agreements and other financial and legal documents, including their impact upon your business. We know that business litigation can stem from any number of disputes including business against business as well as consumer against business (or vice-versa). No matter what situation your company finds itself in, the attorneys at Buyck, Sanders & Simmons, LLC are here to represent you and your business.